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Prone Positioning in Patients With Moderate and Severe Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Paolo Taccone, MD; Antonio Pesenti, MD; Roberto Latini, MD; Federico Polli, MD; Federica Vagginelli, MD; Cristina Mietto, MD; Luisa Caspani, MD; Ferdinando Raimondi, MD; Giovanni Bordone, MD; Gaetano Iapichino, MD; Jordi Mancebo, MD; Claude Guérin, MD; Louis Ayzac, MD; Lluis Blanch, MD; Roberto Fumagalli, MD; Gianni Tognoni, MD; Luciano Gattinoni, MD, FRCP; for the Prone-Supine II Study Group Journal of American Medical Association, 2009, 302(18):1977-1984


Great news.  Now we don't have to prone people anymore...


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