Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Crit-IQ for?

Crit-IQ provides a broad range of educational content for critical care clinicians of all experience levels.

Junior doctors will learn the nuts and bolts of ICU care through our modules, our data-interpretation section and vodcast education sessions.

Trainees in both intensive care and other critical care specialties will be able to review our exam preparation resources, both for basic science based exams, and clinical fellowship exams.

Senior clinicians can stay up to date using our podcast interviews with experts in the field, reviewing the latest literature in the journal club, and participating in discussions on controversial topics in the blog.

No matter how experienced you are, if you work within the field of critical care, Crit-IQ has something for you.

How do I join?

Click on the ‘Become a Member’ button on the front page in the top right corner and follow the prompts.

What do I get if I join as an individual?

Individual members have access to all the standard features of the website. 

These include :

  • Podcasts interviews
  • Vodcast lectures and education sessions
  • Journal Club and the library
  • Position Statements database
  • Data Interpretation section
  • Blog
  • Study tools including written and clinical exam support
  • Interactive Primary Sciences study guide
  • Echocardiography teaching module

New features are continually being developed.

What are the Member Options for Crit-IQ?

Crit-IQ offers both individual and departmental memberships.  Prices are available when you apply for registration.

What are the benefits of departmental membership?

Departmental memberships allow access for multiple users within your department. 

There are some additional features that a departmental membership has access to.  Access to our one-stop-shop teaching packages is restricted to specialist members of departmental subscriptions.  Soon, other functions, such as procedure credentialing and log book access will be available.

How many members can I have in a departmental membership?

You can select the number of members you wish to have when you register.  You can purchase a membership in lots of 10.  The cost becomes less per capita as the membership number rises.

You can add further members to your membership at any time.  The additional cost quoted is calculated pro rata until the end of the current departmental membership period rounded up to the whole month.

You can assign the memberships to anyone in your department.  You can add new names and delete them as required.

Can I, as the supervisor of training, review the activity of the members in my department?

As supervisor of training you have access to the activity reports of your members.

Further resources will be added soon to enhance this function.

What Happens to my Individual Membership if my Department Joins?

If you supply your supervisor with the same email address used in your membership, your subscription will be placed on hold for the duration your are included in the departmental membership.  Your individual membership will resume once you are no longer a member of a departmental membership.

If you have any concerns, please contact us at

Who runs Crit-IQ?

Crit-IQ is run by Australian Intensivists, critical care nurses and critical care physicians, who are actively working in critical care/intensive care/high acuity units around the country.

Can I use Crit-IQ for Professional Development?

Yes, Crit-IQ offers up to date modules, vodcasts, podcasts, literature updates and many other clinical resources that can be recorded in your professional development portfolio.  Registration to the site for 1 year generates 10 points for the Australia and New Zealand College of Intensive Care Medicine’s Maintenance of Professional Standards program.

Can I contribute to Crit-IQ?

Yes of course!  We would love to discuss your ideas on how to make this site even better, so if you’d like to contribute, please contact us at

Are you influenced by sponsorship?

In order to keep the costs of delivering this service to a minimum, we rely on the generous support of industry partners.  This support is extremely valuable and we are very thankful for it.

The content on Crit-IQ is not influenced by our industry partners in any way.

What does Crit-IQ give back to the intensive care community?

Crit-IQ is keen to support the practice of intensive care in communities with limited resources.  Crit-IQ has been made freely available to institutions such as the University of the South Pacific.

Crit-IQ is also a financial supporter of the Intensive Care Foundation, which provides funding for important critical care research projects.

You can suggest an organization for us to support by contacting us at

What is GST?

In Australia, a 10% Goods and Services Tax is payable on any membership to Crit-IQ. This is automatically applied to your membership fee and appears on your invoice and receipt. If you are an international member, you may be eligible for a refund of your GST. Please contact for further details.

Have patients consented to having their images on Crit-IQ?

We are very grateful to the patients who have allows us to use vision of them on our site. Consent has been obtained from all patients or their legal representatives. No identifying images have been used without a patient's consent.