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Corticosteroid After Etomidate in Critically Ill Patients

Jean-Francois Payen, MD, PhD; Clément Dupuis, MD; Thibaut Trouve-Buisson, MD; Marc Vinclair, MD; Christophe Broux, MD; Pierre Bouzat, MD; Céline Genty, BSc; Denis Monneret, MD; Patrice Faure, MD, PhD; Olivier Chabre, MD, PhD; Jean-Luc Bosson, MD, PhD Crit Care Med, 2012, 40(1):29-35


Etomidate is widely regarded as one of the best induction agents available for critically ill patients due to its unparalleled haemodynamic stability.  However, it is complicated by the inhibition of corticosteroid synthesis, at least in the first 48 hours post dose.



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