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Low-Dose Dopamine or Low-Dose Nesiritide in Acute Heart Failure With Renal Dysfunction The ROSE Acute Heart Failure Randomized Trial

Horng Chen, Kevin Anstrom, Michael Givertz, et al for the NHLBI Heart Failure Clinical Research Networ JAMA, 2103, online 18th Nov 2013


It has been a while since we have seen dopamine appear in the literature, and this study into its effect in acute heart failure and renal dysfunction can be added to the growing body of evidence suggesting it is ineffective in critical care or heart failure.

The authors rationale for the...


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So is dopamine now going to go away? Cardiology seems to have been its last bastion, where dopamine still occasionally made an appearance. No, I take that back - neonatology still appears to be a dopamine stronghold. Does any intensivist reading this admit to using dopamine [and have the courage to declare it in public!!]??
Ian Seppelt-02 Dec, 2013 06:14:00 PM