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Effect of Titrating Positive End-Expiratory Pressure (PEEP) With an Esophageal Pressure–Guided Strategy vs an Empirical High PEEP-Fio2 Strategy on Death and Days Free From Mechanical Ventilation Among Patients With Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

J Beitler, T Sarge, V Banner-Goodspeed, etal for the EPVent-2 Study Group JAMA, 2019, online first Feb 2019


Optimising PEEP - the editorial accompanying this RCT sets the scene perfectly. When Ashbaugh described ARDS over 50-years ago, PEEP was framed as an intervention to improve oxygenation, a temporising measure while underlying lung injury resolved. We have come a long way since then,...


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Trial asks Very important question !!However practically we are left with empirical high PEEP-Fio2 strategy, to guide PEEP titration in patients with moderate to severe ARDS.
FREOKUMAR-06 Dec, 2019 02:55:42 PM