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Todd Fraser on 20-01-2014

The new British FICM final exam is into its second year now.  This exam will soon become the required qualification for critical care training in the UK.


I've started this blog to act as a repository of available resources for those starting to work towards the exam.


Our own exam section provides you with over 250 multiple choice questions in the FICM format, each with answers and suggested points.  This resource will continue to build with the addition of new questions, and new resources such as example SOE and OSCE questions.


Adrian Wong, a recently successful candidate, sums up his views on preparing for the exam here.  We've also added a link to the FICM exam syllabus.


We've got a number of other resources useful for preparing for the exam too, including our journal club to stay up to date with the latest literature, and the Data Interpretation section, with over 300 data related questions (ECGs, gases, bloods, radiology, waveforms and more).


List any resources you've found useful below.


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Todd Fraser from Australia wrote 01-21-2014 07:53:01 am
Here's a link supplied by Wessex Intensive Care Society (WICS) to a summary on how to pass the exam -

Todd Fraser from Australia wrote 01-31-2014 03:32:10 pm
I've just posted an add in the conference calendar regarding the Blackpool exam preparation course - check it out here :

Rahul from India wrote 06-06-2015 01:43:41 am
Helo sir,,i m a md anaesthesia from india,,,,cleared the european diploma naesthesia,,,how can i write FFICM exam,,plz guide me

Zunairah from Pakistan wrote 09-02-2015 03:51:49 am
the paper is not opening in exam section how to access that paper




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