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Todd Fraser on 03-05-2009

What topics do you think are likely to feature at the next exam? Suggestion your questions here...


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Benjamin Moran wrote 08-26-2011 11:21:15 am
It's never too late, Alex! With only 71 hours left, there is plenty of time to cram! My money is on:
Preventing nosocomial infections in the ICU (including prevention of VAP),
As you say, anything with an ANZICS CTG tag (even rapid response teams- review published recently in NEJM by Jones),
Long-term prognosis and outcomes (there's a shift in the outcome measures in ICU studies),
Early mobilisation with the physios,
Early TPN (or whatever Casaer was trying to do!),
Surrogate endpoints in resuscitation (eg lactate, peripheral perfusion- the FEAST trial)
Maybe some evidence-based justification as to your housekeeping treatment of the patient (FASTHUG- why pantoprazole over ranitidine?, DVT prophylaxis, glucose control, elevation of the head).

Good luck everyone.

Todd Fraser wrote 08-26-2011 08:22:09 pm
All the subject of a Blog in the last 12 months! Spooky!

Todd Fraser wrote 05-11-2009 11:24:43 am
A critical appraisal of glucose control with insulin is a near certainty isn't it?

Todd Fraser wrote 09-23-2010 09:50:49 am
I'm preparing a presentation for an upcoming conference, and the reading I've done has been quite interesting. There appears to be increasing awareness of the microcirculation and how this is largely uncoupled from macrovascular circulation. There was a recent review in Current Opinion in Critical Care. This would certainly make an interesting question for the exam

AMIT KANSAL wrote 05-15-2009 11:31:12 am
Is SDD making a come back?
What about Heparin anticoagulation for Severe sepsis?

Neil Orford wrote 01-19-2010 03:50:58 pm
I would think an understanding of where ECMO sits as a therapy is necessary. This would include knowing broad principles, ie V-A and V-V, who might benefit etc, but not technical issues (other than big cannulas, machines, risk of bleeding, infection, hemolysis etc).

I think a more detailed knowledge of the CESAR trials results and methodology would be useful, as it is a "hot" paper. Luckily the review in Crit-iq goes some way to provide this!

Neil Orford wrote 01-19-2010 03:55:06 pm
I don't know how likely it is, but a question on departmental measures to prevent VRE,or CRBSI should be asked

Todd Fraser wrote 05-18-2009 03:56:05 pm
I would certainly think so Amit - SDD is becoming harder to ignore!

Todd Fraser wrote 04-18-2011 04:50:13 pm
Strategies for preventing infection in ICU seems to be a hottie at the moment

David Crosbie wrote 12-08-2009 02:55:14 pm
Surely H1N1 will get a guernsey next year on the paper.

Any ideas what sort of question they could phrase?

Do you think it also means that candidates' ECMO knowledge will be expected to be pretty extensive as well?


Dave Crosbie

Todd Fraser wrote 12-09-2009 01:42:15 pm
I'd be surprised if the level of knowledge required was detailed. However, I'm sure you need to know the triggers for it and a working knowledge of the technology (you'd have to explain it to families for instance).

Todd Fraser wrote 05-30-2009 10:15:11 pm
The new ASPEN and SCCM nutrition guidelines would be highly likely to appear on upcoming exams.

Interesting to see SDD make an appearance in these guidelines - Amit, you were right on the money!

wrote 08-22-2010 05:19:46 pm

veerendra jagarlamudi wrote 04-11-2010 07:33:54 pm
recently in the icu that i work there was a scenario : a pateint was accepted for admission from ED into a bed which was made available with great difficulty ( neutropenic sespis - haemdynamic instability + respiratory failure ) , we were all geared up to receive the pateint and ambulance officers brought another patient of the same age and gender direct to us into the bed space - nurses didn't check the pateints details and brought her in, only to realise 2 minutes after that the actual patient arrived and sick and there are no beds , ambulance officers insisted that the previous patient was supposed to come here as well as per ED , could this type of scenario be a coflict resolution question / viva station

wrote 11-16-2009 01:51:28 pm

alexander browne wrote 08-25-2011 02:57:00 pm
Too late now but
Scoring systems for outreach
A disaster question...surely
ICP monitoring, DECRA stuff
ACLS update qn
role of physiotherapy in the ICU
Anything that has a CTG trial attached

Drzubbasith from Saudi Arabia wrote 01-15-2014 05:53:32 am
I a prepapring a presentaion on prone ventilation where can i get all articles

Todd Fraser from Australia wrote 01-17-2014 09:07:12 am
There are a number of articles that would help you in the library - many of these are reviewed by Neil in the Journal Club (

Abhijit from Australia wrote 02-15-2014 01:03:39 am
What are the hot topics for the coming CICM part 2 exam?

Blair from Australia wrote 02-17-2014 11:14:18 am
I would imagine severe respiratory failure would be high up the list, given the results of OSCAR, OSCILLATE, PROSEVA, BALTI etc. Similarly, ECMO is the flavour of the month so you'd be pretty likely to get a question about that.

The other obvious one is the TTM trial and how it affects out of hospital cardiac arrest management.

Todd Fraser from Australia wrote 02-17-2014 11:17:05 am
It would definitely be worth going back over the past 12 months of the Journal Club and looking for the key articles.

You can always go to the "must read" section in the library too, and have a look at the papers that Neil has highlighted as 'Must-know'

My hot-topic prediction is the ethics of brain death, given the two high-profile cases in the US that have stimulated a lot of debate. This is of relevance to all ICU clinicians and has obvious links to organ donation. from India wrote 05-10-2017 03:23:24 am
dear all,
please suggest preparations guides for EDIC 2




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