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  • 02:10 PM Oct 28th
    JAMA CAPITAL-CHILL Overall this study reports no difference in mortality or poor neurological outcome in adults survivors of OHCA who received 31C targeted temperature management compared to 34C. The only difference reported was a longer ICU LOS in the 31C cohort.
  • 02:10 PM Oct 27th
    JAMA VAM-IHCA reports an improvement in ROSC in adult patients with IHCA, who were randomised to vasopressin + methylprednisolone compared to placebo, in addition to usual ACLS. However, there was no difference in survival, neurological outcome, or other secondary outcomes.
  • 01:08 AM Aug 26th
    JAMA BaSICS rate: Slower vs faster fluid challenge in critically ill patients not significantly reduce 90-day mortality.  In addition there was a lower use of vasopressors on day 3 in the slower infusion rate group.  Adds to SPLIT and SMART trials.
  • 01:08 PM Aug 23rd
    NEJM Convalescent plasma RCT for high-risk patients present to ED within 7 days after the onset of symptoms = no difference disease progression
  • 12:08 PM Aug 23rd
    NEJM VITT review 237 suspected from 24 million Oxford-Astra Zeneca doses, incidence at least 1:100,000 >50 years, 1:50,000 <50 years, occurs 5-30 days after first dose. Extensive thrombotic sites, cerebral venous thrombosis dominant. Low platelets, increased D-dimer, reduced fibrinogen associated worse outcomes. Overall case fatality rate 23%, highest in patients with both ICH and platelet count below 30,000. No therapeutic options proven effective, although IVIG, corticosteroids, plasma exchange, and non-heparin anticoagulation are used.

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