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  • 02:01 AM Jan 22nd
    ADRENAL Trial: HC 200mg vs placebo in septic shock. Primary outcome 90-d mortality 27.9% HC vs 28.8% placebo, OR 0.95, 95% CI 0.82-1.10, p=0.5. But, reduced ICU LOS and blood transfusion in HC group?
  • 07:01 AM Jan 8th
    Neil’s top 10 critical care papers of 2017 podcast 
  • 07:12 PM Dec 23rd
    1. Gender parity and diversity are crucial to the success of our specialty, and we need explicit, transparent, accountable strategies
  • 07:12 PM Dec 23rd
    2. Listening to patient’s values and preferences, particularly at end of life, is something we have to get better at.
  • 07:12 PM Dec 23rd
    3. High quality, person-centred, consistent, reporting of long-term ICU survivorship, is our future. We need to understand the nuances and complexity of functional and disease trajectories before and after ICU


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