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  • 08:09 AM Sep 22nd
    Aug JC Podcast available on Crit-IQ and iTunes
  • 09:08 PM Aug 30th
    Supraglottic airway trial 2 of 2 in JAMA - Initial LTI greater 72-hr survival than ETI for OHCA, also better favourable neurol outcome at hospital discharge. The answer for BMV vs SGA vs ETI for OHCA remains elusive?
  • 08:08 PM Aug 30th
    AIRWAYS-2 Trial reports no difference in favourable outcome with paramedic supraglottic airway vs ETI, although high proportion of patients enrolled did not receive advanced airway management, and possible confounding by indication
  • 07:08 PM Aug 27th
    CULPRIT-SHOCK: Culprit-lesion PCI vs multi vessel PCI for patients with AMI and cardiogenic shock. Short-term (30d) mortality benefit with culprit-lesion only PCI, disappeared by 1-year, with increased revascularisation procedures and hospitalisation for heart failure in culprit-lesion group. Competing risks?
  • 03:08 PM Aug 27th
    PARAMEDIC2: Prehospital adrenaline associated with increased survival to hospital, and 30-days (3.2% vs 2.4%). But, no difference in survival with good neurological outcome, and increased survival with severe neurological injury (31% vs 18%). Is it time to ask patients and families which outcomes matter the most - longevity, independence, dignity?


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