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  • 12:02 PM Feb 14th
    Journal Club Podcast for Jan 2017 posted
  • 10:01 PM Jan 28th
    JAMA Int Med: Is a patient to intensivist ratio (PIR) of 7.5 the “sweet spot” 
  • 09:01 PM Jan 28th
    JAMA: Video not better than direct laryngoscopy for first-pass orotracheal intubation rates in the ICU
  • 09:01 PM Jan 28th
    JAMA: No survival advantage of tracheal intubation for adult IHCA  in first minute of CPR, compared to any other minute in the first 15
  • 07:01 PM Jan 28th
    THAPCA trial - 120 hrs of therapeutic hypothermia no benefit to normothermia in comatose children survivors of IHCA


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