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  • 08:07 AM Jul 8th
    Latest critical care JC Podcast loaded on iTunes or Crit-IQ
  • 06:06 PM Jun 25th
    JAMA JC: use of a less demanding 30-min PSV vs more demanding 2-hrs T-piece spontaneous treating trial was associated with higher rate of successful extubation (82% vs 74%, diff 8.2%; 95%CI, 3.4%-13%).
  • 05:06 PM Jun 25th
    PROBESE Trial: Intraoperative mechanical ventilation strategy with higher PEEP (12 cm H2O) and alveolar recruitment maneuvers compared to low PEEP (4 cmH2O) did not reduce postoperative pulmonary complications in obese patients undergoing general surgery
  • 03:05 AM May 21st
    SPICE - 4000 ventilated patients, Dex vs usual care for early routine sedation. No difference primary outcome 90-d death (29.1% vs 29.1%). No difference secondary outcomes, 65% of dexmed required propofol  #ATS2019
  • 09:05 PM May 20th
    SCARLET Trial: rhs-thrombomodulin did not significantly reduce 28-day all-cause mortality in patients with sepsis-associated coagulopathy, or improve secondary outcomes, or subgroup analysis.


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