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  • 03:11 PM Nov 6th
    NEJM BACC Bay Trial reports no difference in time to intubation, time to clinical improvement, or other efficacy outcomes, in hospitalised patients receiving interleukin-6 receptor blockade with tocilizumab
  • 02:11 PM Nov 6th
    NEJM Final Report ACTT-1 adaptive trial of 10-days remdesivir vs placebo for hospitalised COVID-19 patients, reports shorter time to recovery (10 days) vs placebo group (15 days), RR for recovery 1.32; 95% CI 1.12 to 1.49, p<0.001. Also shorter initial hospital LOS (12 vs 17d). Effect greatest in lower severity ordinal hospital categories,, suggesting earlier use may reduce disease burden
  • 02:11 PM Nov 6th
    NEJM: Open label RCT of remdesivir for 5-days vs 10-days in hospitalised COVID-19 with hypoxia reports 65% (5-day) vs 54% (10-day) had clinical improvement by D14, after adjustment for baseline difference in clinical status, similar distribution. These results cannot be extrapolated to critically ill patients receiving mechanical ventilation, as the proportion was low, and patients who progress to MV may benefit from a longer course. 
  • 12:11 PM Nov 6th
    JAMA RICH Trial: Regional citrate anticoagulation for CRRT in critically ill patients associated superior filter life (47 hrs vs 26 hrs) vs systemic heparin. Citrate not associated significant difference 90-day mortality (51% vs 54%). Citrate fewer bleeding complications, but more metabolic and infection complications
  • 08:09 AM Sep 26th
    JC: Observational study describes higher rates of GIT complications in COVID patients with ARDS compared to non-COVID ARDS. It also describes similar 30-d mortality, and longer MV duration and hospital LOS

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