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  • 02:05 PM May 7th
    JAMA VICTAS RCT: In critically ill patients with sepsis, treatment with IV vitamin C, thiamine, and hydrocortisone, vs placebo, did not significantly increase ventilator- and vasopressor-free days within 30 days (25 vs 26 days), or 30-day mortality (22 vs 24%). Consistent with ACTS and VITAMINS trial.Trial stopped early due to loss of funding.
  • 02:05 PM May 7th
    JAMA INSPIRATION trial: Intermediate (enoxaparin 1mg/kg/day) vs standard dose (40 mg/day) thromboprophylaxis in critically ill adult patients with COVID-19 not superior at prevention primary composite outcome (venous or arterial thrombosis, ECMO, 30-d mortality) 45.7% intermediate vs 44.1% standard-dose group (p=0.7)
  • 04:04 PM Apr 8th
    JAMA BACLOREA High-dose baclofen reduced agitation-related events in adult patients with unhealthy alcohol use requiring mechanical ventilation. However secondary outcomes of deeper sedation, longer duration of mechanical ventilation, prolonged ICU care = more research
  • 02:04 PM Apr 6th
    JAMA Mechanical ventilation weaning practices vary internationally, regard to the use of protocols, screening for and conducting SBTs, adjustment of ventilator support, and the responsibility of clinicians involved in weaning
  • 12:04 PM Apr 6th
    JAMA HENIVOT Trial -Helmet NIV vs HFNC for critically ill patients with mod-severe hypoxemic COVID resp failure = no diff in the resp support fee days (28 d). Secondary diff in intubation, lower in helmet group, ie overall no difference in 28-d resp support, but helmet lower proportion of this time intubated.

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