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  • 06:08 AM Aug 14th
    JC podcast for July loaded
  • 09:07 AM Jul 28th
    PARAMEDIC2: Prehospital adrenaline associated with increased survival to hospital, and 30-days (3.2% vs 2.4%). But, no difference in survival with good neurological outcome, and increased survival with severe neurological injury (31% vs 18%). Is it time to ask patients and families which outcomes matter the most - longevity, independence, dignity??
  • 06:07 PM Jul 27th
    PAMPer Trial: Admin of prehospital thawed plasma in trauma patients at increased risk of haemorrhage associated lower risk of 30-d mortality, increased INR, and no increase in inflammatory complications.
  • 08:06 PM Jun 27th
    JC: No difference neurological outcomes with fast vs slow or iso vs hypotonic saline in children with DKA. Lowest rates brain injury in rapid rehydration groups, but differences not significant
  • 06:06 AM Jun 18th
    RELIEF Trial: Restrictive vs liberal fluid in patients with major abdominal surgery, no diff 1-year disability-free survival (81.9% R vs 82.3% L, HR, 1.05; 95% CI, 0.9 to 1.2; P=0.6). Restrictive higher rate acute kidney injury, no difference ICU LOS or MV. 


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