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  • 03:05 AM May 21st
    SPICE - 4000 ventilated patients, Dex vs usual care for early routine sedation. No difference primary outcome 90-d death (29.1% vs 29.1%). No difference secondary outcomes, 65% of dexmed required propofol  #ATS2019
  • 09:05 PM May 20th
    SCARLET Trial: rhs-thrombomodulin did not significantly reduce 28-day all-cause mortality in patients with sepsis-associated coagulopathy, or improve secondary outcomes, or subgroup analysis.
  • 12:05 PM May 10th
    NEJM EXTEND -  alteplase at 4.5 and 9.0 hours after ischaemic stroke with salvageable brain tissue = higher percentage no or minor neurologic deficits than placebo. More cases symptomatic cerebral hemorrhage with alteplase. Early termination limited understanding of secondary outcome of functional improvement.
  • 12:05 PM May 9th
    AJRCCM CENSER Phase 2 single centre study of early ED low-dose norepinephrine vs standard care in septic shock associated improved shock resolution, no difference in organ failure, organ support, survival. Hypothesis generating, may lead to phase 3 study.
  • 11:05 AM May 9th
    JAMA PRINCESS: Prehospital intra-arrest cooling not associated improved survival with good neurologic outcome for adult OHCA. Interesting subgroup of patients with shockable rhythm revealed increased good recovery (CPC 1)in intervention 32.6% vs control 20% RR 1.54 (95% CI 1.06-2.06). Worth further exploring?


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