Recent News

  • 06:09 PM Sep 23rd
    JC: Sodium selenite and PCT guided antimicrobial algorithm not associated with improved outcomes in severe sepsis
  • 06:09 PM Sep 23rd
    JC: Association between overnight extubation and worse outcomes, limited by methodology.
  • 04:09 PM Sep 22nd
    JC: Individual patient data meta-analysis, continuous B-lactam infusion associated with decreased hospital mortality in severe sepsis. Time for RCT.
  • 08:09 AM Sep 22nd
    JC: Maiden et al, ovine sepsis model shows AKI occurs in absence of ischaemia, ATN, or micro thrombi.  Maybe other microenvironment changes?
  • 06:09 PM Sep 8th
    JC: The RESCUEicp trial, does the survival benefit of decompressive craniectomy for refractory ICP in TBI outweighs the risk of surviving to severe disability.


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