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  • 04:10 PM Oct 15th
    CRASH-3 at #WCIC19 - 7-years, 12 737 patients from 175 hospitals, 29 countries - TXA vs placebo within 3-hr of injury associated reduced risk of death from head injury, particularly when patients with GCS 3 and bilateral unreactive pupils at baseline excluded. No increase in disability or vascular occlusive events.
  • 09:10 AM Oct 15th
    World Congress hears ICU-ROX: conservative oxygen therapy (SpO2 91-96%) was not associated with improved VFDs D28. Improvement in some functional domains at 6-mth, HIE subgroup posthoc analyses revealed improved survival and GOS-E at 6-mths #WCIC19
  • 02:10 PM Oct 8th
    JC Ethicus-2: EOLC in European ICUs changed from 1999-2000 to 2015-2016. Patients who died more limitations in place, occurred earlier. Survival after treatment limitation improved, reflects more inclusive, early EOLC. Active dying uncommon. Patient/surrogate values/goals not reported, ongoing challenge for shared decision-making
  • 09:10 PM Oct 5th
    JC: NEJM HYPERION trial: Moderate TTM after I/OHCA nonshockable rhythm, led to higher percentage of day-90 survivors CPC 1 or 2, NNT is 22. No difference mortality, CPC 3 or 4. Supports moderate TTM for 24 hrs for non-shockable rhythm 
  • 08:10 PM Oct 3rd
    JAMA CITRIS-ALI Trial: High-dose vitamin C in sepsis and ALI did not improve primary outcomes of organ failure and inflammatory biomarkers. Improvement secondary outcomes (28d mortality, hosp free days) should be considered exploratory only.


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