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  • 06:02 PM Feb 22nd
    Crit-IQ logbook app now released. Check it out here Obviously all our current members have access to the app. However if you are not a member you can now subscribe to either Crit-IQ (in full) or just the logbook. Click here and use the code FIRST10 for a 10% discount on just the logbook. 
  • 03:12 PM Dec 5th
    Journal Club: NEJM AMIKINHAL trial
  • 10:12 AM Dec 5th
    Journal Club: NEJM REMAP-CAP Simvastatin in COVID-19
  • 09:12 AM Dec 5th
    Journal Club: JAMA PRONECMO
  • 03:12 PM Dec 4th
    Journal Club: New Eng J MEd convalescent plasma in COVID-19 induced ARDS

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