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  • 08:04 PM Apr 27th
    JC: Raised postoperative hsTnT associated 30-d mortality and cardiovascular complications
  • 02:04 PM Apr 21st
    JC: US norepinephrine shortage significantly associated increased mortality in septic shock
  • 02:04 PM Apr 21st
    HYDRAREA: Bicarbonate vs saline no difference in prevention of CA-AKI in ICU patients
  • 10:04 AM Apr 7th
    The latest Crit JC Podcast is available free on the site or itunes
  • 07:04 AM Apr 5th
    JC JAMADESIRE reports no improvement in 28-day sepsis mortality in dexmedetomidine vs no-dex sedation. Waiting for SPICE…


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