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  • 10:04 AM Apr 8th
    NEJM: Margaret Herridge and Elie Azoulay, 2 giants in ICU survivorship research for patients and families, provide an overview of the long-term challenges facing survivors of critical illness.
  • 07:04 PM Apr 2nd
    JAMA PROCOAG superiority RCT found no difference in total 24-hour blood product consumption among high risk trauma patients treated with 4F-PCC vs placebo. More thromboembolic events occurred in the 4F-PCC group.
  • 07:04 PM Apr 2nd
    JAMA Heterogenous Treatment Effects of Heparin COVID-19 - threshold level of risk that defined whether therapeutic-dose heparin was more likely to be beneficial of harmful in patients hospitalised with COVID-19 appeared to be the transition from moderate COVID (no support at baseline) to severe COVID (require respiratory or cardiovascular support at baseline)
  • 04:04 PM Apr 2nd
    NEJM CAPE COD Trial: 200mg hydrocortisone daily, commenced in the first 24hrs of hospital admission, for patients with severe community acquired pneumonia requiring ICU, and who did not have septic shock,  was associated with improved 28 day and 90 day mortality, a decrease in mechanical ventilation and vasopressor requirement, and an increase in discharge from ICU by day 28.  
  • 03:02 PM Feb 6th
    NEJM CLOVERS: Multicentre RCT reported no difference in 90-d survival in adult patients with sepsis induced hypotension randomised to 24 hours of early liberal or restrictive crystalloid therapy. There was a difference in ICU admission, probably relating to vasopressor use. Is this worth discussing?

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