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  • 09:01 PM Jan 18th
    PEPTIC:  >26000 patients, 50 ICUs cluster crossover randomised to PPI or H2RB, PPI non-significant 0.8% increase in hospital mortality (18.3% PPI vs 17.5% H2RB), 0.5% decrease in GI bleed. Asymmetric non-adherence away from H2RB interesting and clouds issue. Incredible achievement.
  • 06:01 PM Jan 18th
    JAMA VITAMINS Trial: Vit C/Hydrocort/Thiamine vs Hydrcort alone, delivered within 12-hrs of septic shock = no difference time alive and vasopressor free, secondary outcomes. 90-d mortality 29% (vitamins) vs 25% (hydrocort). Not significant. So doesn’t support vitamin C, and 90-d mortality for septic shock still high. 
  • 05:12 PM Dec 30th
    NHLBI PETAL Network report early administration of 540,000 IU vitamin D3 in 1360 adult ICU patients at high risk of death, did not result in reduction in mortality. Waiting for VITDALIZE n=2400...
  • 05:11 PM Nov 10th
    ANTHARTIC Trial: Overall prophylactic antibiotics in patients with OHCA, shockable rhythm, and receiving TTM, did decrease VAP, but did not change any other outcomes.
  • 02:10 PM Oct 30th
    International Sepsis Forum colloquium “Understanding and Enhancing Sepsis Survivorship” provides roadmap on sepsis survivorship research, these, short and long term priorities.


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