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  • 04:04 PM Apr 8th
    JAMA BACLOREA High-dose baclofen reduced agitation-related events in adult patients with unhealthy alcohol use requiring mechanical ventilation. However secondary outcomes of deeper sedation, longer duration of mechanical ventilation, prolonged ICU care = more research
  • 02:04 PM Apr 6th
    JAMA Mechanical ventilation weaning practices vary internationally, regard to the use of protocols, screening for and conducting SBTs, adjustment of ventilator support, and the responsibility of clinicians involved in weaning
  • 12:04 PM Apr 6th
    JAMA HENIVOT Trial -Helmet NIV vs HFNC for critically ill patients with mod-severe hypoxemic COVID resp failure = no diff in the resp support fee days (28 d). Secondary diff in intubation, lower in helmet group, ie overall no difference in 28-d resp support, but helmet lower proportion of this time intubated.
  • 07:02 AM Feb 19th
    JAMA RCT does not support use of single high dose oral vitamin D3 for treatment of moderate to severe COVID-19 in hospitalized patients. Limitations in design, however, confirms lack of benefit reported in multiple large non-COVID trials in hospital or ICU patients (VIOLET, VITdAL-ICU)
  • 09:02 AM Feb 14th
    NEJM DePPaRT: 1% of patients with loss of cardiac activity after planned withdrawal of life sustaining therapy have transient resumption of cardiac activity observable by bedside reports and corroborated by ECG and IABP waveform activity. Retrospective waveform review showed resumption of cardiac activity in 14% of patients. The longest period of pulselessness that was followed by resumption of cardiac activity was 4 minutes 20 seconds.

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