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  • 03:02 PM Feb 6th
    NEJM CLOVERS: Multicentre RCT reported no difference in 90-d survival in adult patients with sepsis induced hypotension randomised to 24 hours of early liberal or restrictive crystalloid therapy. There was a difference in ICU admission, probably relating to vasopressor use. Is this worth discussing?
  • 08:02 AM Feb 6th
    NEJM INCEPTION: eCPR in refractory OHCA + VF/VT not associated with increase 30-d favourable neurological outcome  Vs conventional CPR.  Is there a cohort and conditions where ECPR improves outcomes? IHCA vs OHCA, age/comorbidity/pathology, time to cannulation?
  • 10:11 AM Nov 11th
    NEJM AID-ICU regular haloperidol vs placebo + PRN haloperidol did not result in difference in dose review (median cumulative 32.5mg both groups) of hospital free days or outcomes in adult patients in ICU with delirium
  • 10:11 AM Nov 11th
    NEJM PILOT Trial: Lower, medium, or higher oxygen target not associated difference in outcomes in adult patients requiring mechanical ventilation. This suggests limiting exposure to supplemental oxygen by targeting different SpO2 ranges does not prevent death or liberation from mechanical ventilation, and there is no U shaped curve in this range.
  • 11:11 AM Nov 9th
    JAMA ECMO associated high rate new mental health diagnosis following hospital discharge. Depression, anxiety, PTSD most common. Identifies vulnerable patients, need for long-term outcome research aimed at better survivorship

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