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  • 05:09 PM Sep 15th
    Defining sepsis - claims based, clinical surveillance, chart review - different results, but always a major public health burden
  • 03:09 PM Sep 15th
    JC: Applying predictive enrichment to ECCO2R trial design to overcome the curse of heterogeneity and unrealistic treatment effect in critical care RCTs.
  • 07:08 PM Aug 23rd
    JC: Prophylactic ganciclovir in ventilated immunocompetent adults does not decrease IL6, but improvements in secondary outcomes
  • 06:08 PM Aug 23rd
    JC: NT-proBNP–guided HF therapy led to more adjustments in care, without better outcomes. Why?
  • 03:08 PM Aug 23rd
    JC: Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) to monitor best PEEP on VV ECMO with ARDS?


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