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  • 01:08 AM Aug 26th
    JAMA BaSICS rate: Slower vs faster fluid challenge in critically ill patients not significantly reduce 90-day mortality.  In addition there was a lower use of vasopressors on day 3 in the slower infusion rate group.  Adds to SPLIT and SMART trials.
  • 01:08 PM Aug 23rd
    NEJM Convalescent plasma RCT for high-risk patients present to ED within 7 days after the onset of symptoms = no difference disease progression
  • 12:08 PM Aug 23rd
    NEJM VITT review 237 suspected from 24 million Oxford-Astra Zeneca doses, incidence at least 1:100,000 >50 years, 1:50,000 <50 years, occurs 5-30 days after first dose. Extensive thrombotic sites, cerebral venous thrombosis dominant. Low platelets, increased D-dimer, reduced fibrinogen associated worse outcomes. Overall case fatality rate 23%, highest in patients with both ICH and platelet count below 30,000. No therapeutic options proven effective, although IVIG, corticosteroids, plasma exchange, and non-heparin anticoagulation are used.
  • 07:08 PM Aug 22nd
    JC DOREMI RCT reports no difference in composite primary outcome with milrinone vs dobutamine for cardiogenic shock (49% M vs 54% D, RR, 0.90; 95% CI, 0.69 to 1.19; P=0.47). No difference in secondary outcomes. It was powered to detect a large effect.
  • 11:08 AM Aug 22nd
    REMAP-CAP, ACTIV-4a, and ATTACC harmonised multiplatform, randomized trial 2244 non-ICU patients with COVID- for every 1000 patients, therapeutic anticoagulation vs thromboprophylaxis expected to result in 40 additional patients surviving to hospital discharge without organ support, and 7 major bleeds.

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