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  • 07:09 PM Sep 19th
    NEJM ECLS-Shock Trial of early ECLS vs medical therapy in patents with AMI and cardiogenic shock undergoing early coronary revascularisation was not superior with respect to 30-d mortality. ECLS was associated with more complications, and no benefit in terms of secondary outcomes. 
  • 11:08 AM Aug 16th
    DEVICE trial reports use of video laryngodcopy compared to direct laryngoscopy was associated with an increase in first pass intubation (86% vs 72%) in critically ill adults (mainly in ED). This appears to be due to an improved view, led to a median 8 sec decrease in intubation time (38 vs 46s), and was not associated with any difference in adverse events or outcomes. The effect was greater in inexperienced operators.
  • 05:06 PM Jun 18th
    NEJM CONVINCE  Patients with kidney failure receiving high-dose HDF had a lower risk of death from any cause than patients receiving conventional highflux HD. 
  • 12:06 PM Jun 18th
    JAMA MERCY Continuous administration of meropenem, compared with intermittent administration, did not improve clinically relevant outcomes in critically ill patients with sepsis
  • 12:06 PM Jun 18th
    PATCH Trial- TXA 2g over first 8-hours compared to placebo, to adults with major trauma and at high risk of coagulopathy, was not associated with a difference in primary outcome of favorable outcome (GOS-E 5-8) at 6-months. There was a difference in distribution of unfavourable outcomes, with a decrease in death and increase in patients surviving to poor outcome in the TXA group. This appears to be at least partly attributable to a decrease in bleeding. 

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