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  • 12:04 PM Apr 7th
    ICNARC report on COVID-19 in Critical Care 4th April 2019. 2249 of 2621 confirmed COVID-19 ICU admissions in 210 ICUs. Outcomes available for 690, 50% 30-d mortality, 70% in ventialated cohort. Interpret with caution as 1559 remain in ICU. Compared to previous years viral pneumonia COVID-19 older, male, less caucasian, more independent ADLs, more require MV.
  • 10:04 AM Apr 7th
    JAMA Covid-19: The burden in Lombardy, 17713 ICU pts (9% of PCR+). Details of 1591, male, 63 yrs, hypertension. 88% ventilated, PF 160, prone 27%, ECMO 1%, ICU LOS 9days, ICU mortality 26% (58% still in ICU), 60-70 yrs (29%), 70-80 yrs (40%), >80yrs (52%).
  • 08:04 AM Apr 7th
    JAMA: Medical students and Covid-19 - With social distancing moving them online, how do we teach skills, mentor altruism, standardise exams, protect students, patients? Is it a chance to fast-track pedagogy changes towards a flexible, adaptive, innovative medical educational?
  • 10:04 AM Apr 6th
    JAMA Covid-19: Senior clinicians provide benefit of decades of leadership and wisdom in crisis, but are at increased risk from Covid-19. How can we mitigate risk, while maintaining their contribution now and during recovery?
  • 10:04 AM Apr 6th
    JAMA Covid-19 The dilemma of “do” vs “learn” is highlighted during the current pandemic - antivirals, antimalarials etc. Can we do both, and benefit the most? Adaptive platform trials are most comfortable for hospitals and clinicians, data points built into EMRs, physicians reflecting on diversity, uncertainty, equipoise, and international integration

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