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  • 10:07 AM Jul 21st
    June JC Podcast loaded
  • 11:07 AM Jul 20th
    JC: Scottish ICU national outcomes, 1/3 ICU survivors die by 5-years, spend an average of 1-month in hospital
  • 10:07 AM Jul 19th
    JC: Sepsis survivors and long-term CVS mortality, HR death 2.18 compared to population controls
  • 09:07 AM Jul 19th
    JC: Lumping, splitting, phenotypes, adaptive trial design..Time to design smarter research into ARDS and sepsis treatments
  • 09:07 AM Jul 16th
    JC: Early RRT for stage 3 AKI, no decrease d-60 mortality (49%!). Mainly intermittent, half of delayed group never needed RRT, still need to test timing of CRRT. 

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