Recent News

  • 07:07 PM Jul 22nd
    JAMA ICU Diary: an ICU diary filled in by clinicians and family members did not reduce the incidence of significant PTSD symptoms in patients at 3 months. Also no difference in anxiety, depression, memory, or family PTSD
  • 03:07 PM Jul 20th
    JAMA ICU Visits Study: Flexible vs restricted ICU visitation policy not associated with decrease in delirium, other hospital and staff outcomes. However, flexible visitation associated with significant decrease in family anxiety and depression.
  • 02:07 PM Jul 20th
    JAMA Sepsis: Rory’s Regulations and sepsis mortality. Retrospective comparison 320,000 NY to 680,000 non-NY sepsis patients, before and after mandated NY sepsis protocol. Significantly greater decrease in mortality in NY, but different baselines (NY 26.3% vs other 22.0%) makes generalisation difficult.
  • 08:07 AM Jul 8th
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  • 06:06 PM Jun 25th
    JAMA JC: use of a less demanding 30-min PSV vs more demanding 2-hrs T-piece spontaneous treating trial was associated with higher rate of successful extubation (82% vs 74%, diff 8.2%; 95%CI, 3.4%-13%).


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