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  • 07:11 PM Nov 13th
    POLAR: Early prophylactic hypothermia sustained for at least 72 hours not associated with improved outcomes in patients with severe TBI compared to use of normothermia
  • 05:11 PM Nov 13th
    JC: CHX-MW vs SOD vs SDD (no IV antibiotic) in ventilated patients with moderate to high prevalence of antibiotic resistance =  no difference in bloodstream infections compared with standard care.
  • 05:11 PM Nov 13th
     PReVENT: Low Vt (4-6ml/kg) compared to intermediate Vt (10 ml/kg PBW) in ventilated patients without ARDS, did not result in a greater number of ventilator-free days, or improved secondary outcomes
  • 11:11 AM Nov 13th
     Breathe Trial:  Early extubation to NIV compared to invasive ventilation did not improve overall duration of MV in patients who failed a SBT. 1/3 of patients ventilated > than 24 hrs fail first SBT, reintubation occurs in abut 1/3 of patients deemed difficult to wean. 
  • 11:11 AM Nov 2nd
    TARGET Trial: Energy dense (1.5 kcal/ml) vs routine (1.0 kcal/ml) EN at 1 ml/kg/hr in ventilated adults associated no difference 90d mortality or secondary outcomes. In practice energy dense led to 100% estimate calorie delivery (30 kcal/kg/day) and routine 70% (22 kcal/kg/day)


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