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  • 03:05 PM May 16th
    JAMA COVI-PRONE no difference in endotracheal intubation or secondary outcomes in 400 patients who were not intubated and had confirmed or suspected COVID-19,  when randomised to awake prone positioning compared with usual care. Posthoc analysis raised the possibility that patients with a PF ratio greater than 150 may benefit from prone ventilation.
  • 02:05 PM May 16th
    JC: JAMA FIRST-ABC Step-Down RCT critically ill children requiring noninvasive respiratory support following extubation, HFNC compared to CPAP post extubation failed to meet noninferiority criterion for time to liberation from respiratory support ( 50.5 hours HFNC vs 42.9 hours CPAP. 1-sided 97.5% CI for HR was 0.70, failed to meet the noninferiority margin of 0.75)
  • 01:05 PM May 16th
    JC: JAMA early tracheostomy (median D4 MV) vs standard (D11) in 382 adults receiving MV after acute, severe stroke, not associated improved outcomes, specifically favourable mRS (adj OR favourable outcome 0.93 95% CI 0.6-1.42, p=0.73)
  • 11:05 AM May 16th
    NEJM- The opportunities to become proficient at neonatal intubation are decreasing. Does peri-intubation high flow nasal oxygen decrease hypoxia and increase first-pass success? In 202 neonates, successful 1st attempt intubation without physiological instability occurred in 50% (HF) vs 31.5% (SC), RD 17.6%, 95% cI 6.0-29.2, NNT 6.
  • 10:05 AM May 16th
    JC: No diff 90-day neurological outcomes between patients transported to a local stroke center first vs directly to a thrombectomy-capable referral center in patients with suspected large-vessel occlusion acute ischemic stroke

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