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  • 05:05 PM May 29th
    JAMA COBI RCT continuous infusion 20% hypertonic saline vs standard care for minimum 48 hours in moderate to severe TBI =  no difference neurological outcome 6 months. Intervention associated lower risk intracranial hypertension for 1st 2-days, followed by rebound ICH, apparent after cessation of therapy.
  • 05:05 PM May 12th
    JAMA MIS-C - Observational study of combined treatment with IVIG + methylprednisolone vs IVIG alone associated with reduced treatment failure, new LV dysfunction, hemodynamic support, and PICU LOS better course of fever in children with MIS-C.
  • 02:05 PM May 11th
    JAMA REALITY - Restrictive transfusion strategy compared with a liberal strategy resulted in a noninferior rate of major cardiovascular events among patients with acute myocardial infarction and anemia.
  • 07:05 PM May 10th
    NEJM CONFIRM terlipressin with albumin more effective than albumin alone at reversing hepatorenal syndrome in adults with cirrhosis and HRS-1. Interesting cautionary discussion about terlipressin association with more serious adverse events, particularly respiratory failure..
  • 04:05 PM May 10th
    NEJM COVACTA adults hospitalised with COVID-19 pneumonia, use of tocilizumab was not assicated with difference in clinical status at day 28, or secondary outcomes. Signal of  difference in hospital LOS, ICU LOS, ventilator free days favoured tocilizumab.

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