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  • 07:02 PM Feb 23rd
    JAMA DEXACET Trial reports reduced delirium, reduced morphine requirement, and shorter ICU LOS with acetaminophen vs placebo. 2x2 with propofol vs dexmedetomidine as sedative arms, no effect on delirium. Interesting result, single centre, requires further testing.
  • 07:02 PM Feb 23rd
    NEJM Prevent: Debunking the dogma of no-ventilation between induction and intubation in critically ill patients? BMV associated higher median SpO2, less severe hypoxia, no increase aspiration.
  • 06:02 PM Feb 23rd
    NEJM PREVENT Trial does not support routine addition of intermittent lower limb compression devices to pharmacologic thromboprophylaxis for prevention of lower limb DVT in critically ill patients.
  • 03:02 PM Feb 23rd
    JAMA POPPI Trial: Nurse led CBT and psychological intervention vs usual care led to no difference in PTSD in adult ICU patients. Is CBT ineffective or is dose, time, strength issue.
  • 11:02 AM Feb 23rd
    JAMA EPVent-2: Standard PEEP:FiO2 titration vs oesophageal pressure guided PEEP associated no difference in composite of mortality and VFDs at 28-days. Both strategies led to similar transpulmonary pressure..perhaps simple message is standard PEEP adjustment as safe and effective as more invasive strategy?


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