Recent News

  • 03:12 PM Dec 4th
    JC: Video vs direct laryngoscopy in ICU. VL helps us see where we are going, it just doesn’t get us there any faster
  • 01:12 PM Dec 4th
    JC: Does the addition of IABP to VA ECMO for cardiogenic shock improve 28-d survival? Japanese 1650 pt observational study suggests yes.
  • 11:12 AM Dec 4th
    JC: HAP vs CAP in ICU, host immune response same, gene expression similar, maybe HAP susceptible to infection due to impaired type-I IF signal
  • 01:11 PM Nov 27th
    Individual patient data meta-analysis describes the average ECMO for ARDS patients, and that driving pressure associated mortality
  • 01:11 PM Nov 27th
    JC: AWARE trial describes incidence and outcomes of AKI in critically children and young adults across 4 continents


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