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  • 08:09 AM Sep 26th
    JC: Observational study describes higher rates of GIT complications in COVID patients with ARDS compared to non-COVID ARDS. It also describes similar 30-d mortality, and longer MV duration and hospital LOS
  • 04:09 PM Sep 17th
    JAMA large OHCA registry time-dependent propensity score–matched cohort study of OHCA reports intra-arrest transport to hospital compared to continued on-scene treatment significantly associated lower probability of survival to hospital discharge, and survival to hospital discharge with favorable neurological outcome. Subgroup/secondary analysis revealed no early group with advantage of transport, only exception is transfer associated improved outcome if  >30-min arrest time.
  • 03:09 PM Sep 17th
    JC: Prehospital TXA for TBI Trial - Phase 2 tout-of-hospital TXA for mod- severe TBI, no difference 6-month neurol recovery (GOS-ER >4 65% vs 62%) or secondary outcomes.  Similar to primary outcome of CRASH-3, no analysis of less severe, 1st RCT 2g TXA bolus in this setting.
  • 11:09 AM Sep 16th
    JC: Tracheostomy decannulation in pts weaned from MV: 24-hr “capping” vs suction and high-flow O2. Suction associated improved time to decannulation (7-day diff, 6 vs 13)), recannulation (2.4 vs 5.6%), weaning failure (6.5 vs 16.7%), pneumonia (4.1 vs 9.9%), tracheobronchitis (18.9 vs 29.2%), hospital LOS (48 vs 62d). Are capping trials too demanding? It will be interesting to see how different regions of the world, with variation in practice, interpret this trial.
  • 06:09 PM Sep 7th
    CoDEX RCT of 299 adults with mod-severe ARDS due to COVID-19 reported increased days alive and are free from mechanical ventilation during first 28-days with dexamethasone compared to standard care.  Trial was stopped early due to RECOVERY, and 35% of standard care arm received corticosteroids during study

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