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  • 08:03 AM Mar 15th
    COVID-19 JAMA Maurizio Cecconi interview podcast - insiders view on care and logistics 
  • 08:02 PM Feb 22nd
    JAMA hospitalised patients at EOL with full-treatment orders more likely for ICU interventions. Discordant care common in those with treatment limitations - 38% admitted ICU, 18% life sustaining interventions
  • 11:02 AM Feb 22nd
    JAMA INTEREST study -  IFN-β-1a in mod-severe ARDS not associated reduced mortality or VFDs, secondary outcomes. Lack of biological effect on CD73, post-hoc possible harm with corticosteroids
  • 07:02 AM Feb 18th
    NEJM Olsen: 17-years after Kress daily interruption - “planned no sedation” reports no diff 90-d mortality, VFD/ICU/hospital stay… “no sedation” alert, 1 day less coma/delirium, less VTE - but point estimate mortality for planned no-sedation raises concerns.
  • 02:02 PM Feb 15th
    JAMA 65 trial: Permissive hypotension vs usual care in >65 yr ICU patients with vasodilatory shock, led to difference in mean MAP (66.7 vs 72.6 mmHg), reduced duration/dose vasopressor. No difference in 90-d mortality, although point estimate and adj OR raise possibility of benefit. 

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