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  • 06:04 AM Apr 3rd
    March 2018 Crit-IQ Journal Club Podcast available on-site or iTunes 
  • 06:03 PM Mar 28th
    Hospital mortality in patients with cerebral injury is higher in hypercapnic patients with acidosis, compared to those with normal pH, or normocapnic patients. Increasing CO2 increased the risk of death in the acidosis group, but not the non-acidotic group.
  • 10:03 AM Mar 28th
    JC: HFNC vs standard NC in early bronchiolitis associated with decreased “escalation of care”, AD -11%, NNT 9..but..standard group treatment failure all escalated to HFNC, with no difference in intubation, ICU or hospital LOS. Is this same result, different pathway?
  • 07:03 AM Mar 28th
    JAMA Piece of My Mind: Sensitive, considered piece tells us what good male mentorship of female mentees looks like - professional, sober, respectful, integrity, always behave as in public, advocacy, while keeping the warmth of collegiate friendship. Read it.
  • 11:03 AM Mar 4th
    EPOCH Trial: Implementation of “BedsidePEWS” system did reduce incidence of clinical deterioration, but did not reduce hospital mortality or ICU related care in hospitalised children


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