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A Multicenter Evaluation of Prolonged Empiric Antibiotic Therapy in Adult ICUs in the United States

Z Thomas, F Bandali, J Sankaranarayanan, et al on behalf of the Critical Care Pharmacotherapy Trials Network Crit Care Med, 2015, 43(12);2527-2534


Critical care is allowed the luxury of broad empirical antibiotics, in recognition of the need for immediate and effective treatment for life threatening infections. To offset the  risk of resistance, superinfection, increased mortality and morbidity, guidelines...


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'PEAT patients had longer duration of stay (4 vs 2, p<0.0001)' - if the definition includes a 72hr or 96hr time reference, is this not bias-related?
Will sutcliffe-29 Jan, 2016 06:55:25 AM