The Green Intensivist - Is that an Oxymoron?

Chris Poynter on 22-07-2014

Categories: News and views

Today I’d like to discuss environmental sustainability in critical care. Can such a thing exist? As we move towards a culture of increased pers...



Much Ado About Tamiflu

Chris Poynter on 20-06-2014

Categories: Controversies in ICU

Recently we had a debate amongst our Intensivists about how to proceed with our influenza patients in ICU in light of recent controversy surrounding Tamiflu (Oseltami...



Intensive Care: it's a risky business. 2014 CICM ASM, Brisbane

Rajesh Krishnan on 13-06-2014

Categories: Conference Blog

Crit-IQ blog
It's that time again the ASM is upon us. There is a tangible level of excitement in the room as colleagues greet, mixed with the obligatory coffee fumes!




ICU Research on Comatose Patients - How does that work?

Chris Poynter on 19-05-2014

Categories: Controversies in ICU

Last week there was discussion in the New Zealand press about clinical trials in the setting of ICU (see Read More >>


Social Media and Critical Care - what's the deal?

Chris Poynter on 27-03-2014

Categories: General Discussion

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the smaccGOLD conference on the Gold Coast. It was amazingly good and I recommend it to anyone looking for ...





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