Trainee Welfare - running the gauntlet

Chris Poynter on 05-03-2014

Categories: Welfare

I’ve been struggling for inspiration and time for this blog over recent weeks due to efforts to organize the Read More >>


Why positive trials aren’t really positive, and negative ones may not be negative

Chris Poynter on 18-02-2014

Categories: Journal Club

Recently, I was pleasantly surprised with a discussion about statistics during one of our journal clubs. I know, I know, sounds crazy, but bear with ...



European Diploma of Intensive Care guide

Todd Fraser on 27-01-2014

Categories: Exam Preparation

I had an enquiry from a chap who is planning to sit the EDIC, so I thought I'd start a blog on the topic.


For those of you who have sat the exam, what resou...



Who's brain dead - us or them?

Chris Poynter on 24-01-2014

Categories: Controversies in ICU

There has been some tragic, but enthralling, reading in the press recently surrounding two different cases of “brain death” in America.&n...



FFICM exam resources

Todd Fraser on 20-01-2014

Categories: Exam Preparation

The new British FICM final exam is into its second year now.  This exam will soon become the required qualification for critical care training in the UK.







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