Its Sepsis and you know it! - 43rd Annual SCCM Congress, San Fransisco

Neil Orford on 11-01-2014

Categories: News and views

Welcome to my blog of all the highlights and news from the 43rd SCCM annual congress, live from San Fransisco, California.


We'd love to hear your thoughts o...



Eddie are you ok, are you ok Eddie?

Chris Poynter on 30-12-2013

Categories: Welfare

As I drive home from an unsuccessful paediatric resuscitation, Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” blasts out on the radio and I contemplate the abo...



Fluids in critical care - What does euvolaemia mean anyway?

Chris Poynter on 12-12-2013

Categories: Controversies in ICU

Recently, I seem to be learning more and more about how wrong everything that I ever thought about fluids in ICU is.  In fact, I’m way more confused now than I ...



Targeted Temperature Management - Game changer or just another piece of the jigsaw?

Christopher Poynter on 22-11-2013

Categories: Controversies in ICU

There appears to have been a lot of hyperbole surrounding the release of the Read More >>


Interesting Case - Severe acidosis

Todd Fraser on 13-10-2013

Categories: Case studies in ICU

Here's another interesting case sent in this week.

A 65 year old woman was brought in by ambulance to emergency, grossly obtunded with abdominal pain and vomiting.  ...





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